You can’t find the Maristone in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, don’t worry, we provide you below all the details you need to find this gemstone

where to find the maristone in dragon ball z kakarot

Maristone in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – When will you need it?

The Maristone Gem is an item required for the quest The Tourist in Trouble. A side story mission you will obtain on Planet Namek, given by two tourists

Maristone in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – How to find it?

The Tourist in Trouble quest is a side mission you will get on Planet Namek. You will be asked to find the gemstone Maristone, and you will receive just one clue: It is in the mountains

The quest is marked on the map, so go there and try to find it. But use the Ki Blast and the Ki sense, and the search will be easier. Because the Maristone gem is literally inside one of the huge rock formations. So, the clue was not bad at all, the gem is in the mountains, in fact, inside of the rocks.

Video Guide

If you didn’t find the Maristone gem yet, this video guide will help you. You will see the exact location and how to get there. Check this video from the youtuber TrophyGamers

Hope you have already found the Maristone Gemstone in DBZ Kakarot!