Level 18 – Best & Most Compact Factory – We provide you a great solution, the most compact level 18 factory with full belt production in 24×24 tile Level 18

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You can try to improve it, but it is one of the best solutions you are going to find. One of the most compact level 18 factories you can find, with full belt production in 24×24 tile, thanks to the reddit user RiordanHayton721

Click on the image to enlarge it: Level 18 - Best Solution

It works really awesome if you copy this down, building by building, belt by belt


You can copy & paste it, but if you want to try by yourself, take in mind that:

They don’t have to be produced at the right orientation and can just be rotated at the end.

And of course, credits to the reddit user RiordanHayton721