Medieval Dynasty Wolf Location & How to get – Learn how and where to find Wolves, how to hunt them and what should you take with you before looking for a wolf

Medieval Dynasty Flax

Medieval Dynasty Wolf – Location

You can find Wolves in most of the forests of the game, and we recommend you to look for them in the forest north east from Borowo, there are a lot there. But you will also find more wild animals, so you need some weapons and be careful

Medieval Dynasty Wolf – Weapons & Hunting

A wolf will die if you hit its head with a single spear, so to hunt a wolf 1 or 2 spears are enough. But we recommend you take with you at least 10 spears because:

  • It is hard to find a wolf alone, it’s easier to find groups or 3 or 4 wolves, and if you attack one of them, the rest will become aggresive
  • In the forest there are more wild animals and, some of them are aggresive too, like the bear or the boar
  • Hunting in the forest is harder than hunting in the mountains, visibility is worse, and you can get too close to a wild animal withour realizing it

Tip: Try to be stealthy

Medieval Dynasty Wolf – Drops

When you kill a wolf you will get x3 meat and also x3 Fur

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Video Guide

Check this hunting video from Heuster Heu, and learn to hunt wolves