Medieval Dynasty Tools Location & How to get – A guide to find where to get Tools like the Pickaxe, the Iron Axe, the Iron Hammer, the Scythe, or the Shearing Scissors, and what you have to do to obtain them

Medieval Dynasty Flax

Medieval Dynasty Tools – Location

To get Tools you have to buy them, and the best place is in Teobald’s shop in Lesnica, (Teobald is the shop keeepr, and a 33 years old man). Straw price is 2 each, and its weight is 1,05

To Find Lesnica: South west from Denica, cross the river and find Lesnica, or South from Rolnica (without crossing the river)

To Find Teobald’s shop: Inside the town, in the middle (Lesnica)

Medieval Dynasty Tools – Teobald Inventory

You will find Tools in Teobald’s shop, but you can also buy there arrows, sticks or straw:

  • Iron Axe: Price = 500, but weight = 20
  • Iron Hammer: Price = 400, but weight = 15
  • Pickaxe: Price = 440, but weight = 25
  • Scythe: Price = 600, but weight = 30
  • Shearing Scissors: Price = 400, but weight = 5
  • Iron Arrow: Price = 40, but weight = 0,5
  • Stick: Price = 2, but weight = 10,2
  • Straw: Price = 2, but weight = 1,05

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Video Guide

If you don’t know where Lesnicaa is, or where to find Teobald, check this video guide from the yourtuber KpShamino