Medieval Dynasty Manure Location & How to get – A guide to find where to get Manure, and what you have to do to obtain it, also info about Meat, Animal Feed and Rye Grain

Medieval Dynasty Flax

Medieval Dynasty Manure – Location

To get Manure you have to buy it, and you can only buy it in a farm in the field, find the shop keeper Rajmund (an old man) there and buy him the Manure you Need. The Manure price is 100 each, but you can also buy him meat, animal feed and rye grain

To Find Rajmund’s shop: Go west from Branica and find Rajmund’s before the river. You can also go east from Rolnica, but you have to cross the river to find Rajmund

Medieval Dynasty Manure – Rajmund Inventory

You will find Manure in Rajmund’s shop, but you can also buy there the following items:

  • Meat: Price = 4, but weight = 2
  • Animal Feed: Price = 50, but weight = 2,5
  • Manure: Price = 10, but weight = 100
  • Rye Grain: Price = 10, but weight = 0,05

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Video Guide

If you don’t know where Rajmund is, check this video guide from the yourtuber KpShamino