Medieval Dynasty Flax Stalk Location & How to get – Learn how to make Flax Stalks and also a great money farming method

Medieval Dynasty Flax

Medieval Dynasty Flax Stalk – What do you need?

You will need Flaxs and also a Barn to make Flax stalk

Flaxseeds: Buy Flax in Branica, in Lubomira’s shop. By the way Lubomira also sells Flaxseeds & Flax Stalk. So if you don’t want to make the flax stalk by yoursefl, you can stop here. But if you want to learn how to make Flax Stalks, keep reading

Barn: Just build it

Medieval Dynasty Flax Stalk – How to get?

Go inside the barn once you have enough flaxseeds and look for the Threshing Floor. Use the wheel, and choose Flax Grain, every time you do it, you will turn x1 Flax into x1 Flax Stalk + x1 Flaxseed

So, Barn > Threshing Flooor > x1 Flax = x1 Flax Stalk + x1 Flaxseed

Medieval Dynasty Flax Stalk – Money Farming

x1 Flax (10 coins)  = x1 Flax Stalk (5 coins) + x1 Flaxseed (10 coins)

So, once you have a barn you can invest in Flax and multiply your money x1,5 in a couple of minutes.

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Video Guide

In this video, the youtuber EpicCrazy Wolf shows us how to turn Flax into Flax Stalk & Flaxseed