Medieval Dynasty Fishing Spear Location & How to get – You can craft it once you build the fishing hut, but if you want it earlier you can also buy it from one vendor

Medieval Dynasty Flax

There are two ways to get the Fishing Spear:

Medieval Dynasty Fishing Spear – Fishing Hut

To build a Fishing hut is not the fastest method to get a fishing spear, but it is quite useful for the long term:

The Fishing Hut costs 500 Technology points (under the Survival Branch, where the Hunting Lodge is). Is a Worker building for fishing, with a working station for crafting fishig tools, like the fishing spear of course. The Fishing hut can only be placed on the shore of a lake or a large river

Medieval Dynasty Fishing Spear – Location

The fastest method to get the fishing spear is to buy it, but it is not easy to find the vendor. You will find him in Jezerica (south from Lesnica or west from Hornica), the closest village to the largest in-game lake. Once in Jezerica find Bytomir’s shop. He will sell you these items:

  • Fishing Spear: Price = 320, but weight = 25
  • Fish: Price = 8, but weight = 2
  • Salt: Price = 20, but weight = 5

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Video Guide

If you don’t know where Bytomir’s shop or Jezerica village are, check this video guide from the yourtuber Stan Games & Tutorials