Medieval Dynasty Daub Location & How to get – Learn how to get Daub, the crafting recipe, how to find the ingredients, and also how to use it to upgrade the walls of the house

Medieval Dynasty Flax

Medieval Dynasty Daub – Uses

You will need Daub to Upgrade your house, to upgrade the wall into a Stonewall, and always to upgrade stone or also wood. So can progress through the game without using Daub, but at the end, you will need it.

Medieval Dynasty Daub – How to get?

The first step is to build a barn, once you have the barn open the crafting bench and check the recipe x1 Daub = x10 Straw + x10 Clay

So, all you need to know is where to find Straw and also Clay:

Straw: Collect Reeds near any river, but if you need it, here is a Straw guide, with locations in the map and video guides

Clay: There are a lot of Clay’s deposits, near Hornica, Lesnica and also near Gostovia, see the areas marked in the map near any of these villages

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Video Guide

In this video, the youtuber Jei Jae shows us how and where to craft Daub, and also how to upgrade the walls of the house with Daub