Medieval Dynasty Clay Location & How to get – Learn how to get Clay, where to find Clay Deposits, and how to get the tools you are going to need

Medieval Dynasty Flax

Medieval Dynasty Clay – Uses

Most of the structuresbuildings, and of course the house, require Clay, so is a basic resource that you will need for the early, mid and late game.

Medieval Dynasty Clay – How to get?

You just need to find clay deposits at the ground and dig clay up with a shovel.

How to Get a Shovel?

To get a shovel, the easiest way is to buy it. Check our tools guide below if you didn’t shops with shovels. A Shovel may seem expensive, but check our money guide to earn 2,500 coins in 15 minutes if you need it.

But is highly recommended to progress through the Building Technology tree so you can craft the shovel by yourself. If you need tech points just mine rocks and chop down trees

Medieval Dynasty Clay – Location

There is Clay everywhere, if you are in Gostovia, the starting village, use the road to go northwest and find two mounds of clay to the left, among some trees. Clay deposits are quite obvious, they are like bumps or bulges on the ground

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Video Guide

In this video, the youtuber Just All in One Resource shows us how and where to farm Clay