Mario Kart Turbo continues to bring us a lot of surprise and the Challenges of Season 1 keep the fun intact. This time we wanted to bring you a help for the mission that asks us to do 30 mini turbos in a single race . But is this possible? Of course yes.

The mini turbo appears automatically in Mario Kart Tour when you make a curve at maximum speed. It is a kind of prize for those who demonstrate all their driving skills, allowing you to finish the races in a much shorter time and earn greater bonuses.

Complete 30 Mini Turbos

This effect can be recognized by some marks that appear behind the wheels and imply that we have unlocked that bonus boost. In order for you to get good results, the first advice we give you to achieve this challenge is that you put the intelligent direction in driving.

Then enter a 50cc race, where things are relatively simple and you can have more control over your vehicle. Choose the driver that best suits you and enter, for example, the Yoshi Circuit.

Once you are in the race, focus your attention on the curves and only on the curves, losing care of the course of the competition itself. Worry about constantly spinning, keep the skidding and get those little blue sparks.

In the case that you do not have it very clear, here we leave you a video in which it is shown clearly and simply what is the best strategy to fulfill this mission.

We hope that this article has been to your liking and that you get to use the 30 mini turbos in a single race without any problem. By the way, do not hesitate to review the rest of Mario Kart Tour guides that we talk about Gamers has for you.