One of the attractions presented by Mario Kart Tour is that it has available to players a large number of objects to use during races. This time we want to talk to you about a mission that is directly related to one of these and that consists of Success 5 times with the Super Horn .

If you have enjoyed the entertaining Mario Kart Tour races you have probably had to enjoy (or suffer) the effects of this object and easily overtake your opponents thanks to it. The super horn acts in the area in front of the driver, making a kind of cone that depose the affected ones and reduce their speed.

What is really complicated about this mission is not the fact of getting the object right, but its or complexity is in equipping us with this in our inventory . Like the rest of the objects, it will appear after hitting a box, although it has a much lower rate of appearance than the rest.

Hit 5 times with the Super Horn

The ideal conditions for us to get the Super Horn is to stay between first and fifth place . It is important that you choose a circuit that you master and that you enter the races with drivers and vehicles that give you the greatest comfort. Keep in mind that, once the object has been achieved, the good use you give will depend on you.

A fact that is worth mentioning in this topic is that the Super Horn of Mario Kart Tour can affect more than one driver at a time , so it will surely take you a long time to complete this challenge . Obviously, if you use the object and nobody is affected by its effect, the mission counter will not go up.

In case you still have doubts about how to carry out this action and complete the challenge, then we leave you a video that clearly shows what you should do.

We hope that with this information you can hit 5 times with the Super Horn of Mario Kart Tour and thus complete without any problem the Challenges of Season 1. Until next time!