Iron Man VR Unlock Skins Guide – You can unlock more than ten skins, amors or Custom Deco’s and we are going to explain you how to get them

iron man vr unlock skins

Skins, amors or Custom Deco’s are only cosmetic and won’t change or improve any of the stats of the Iron Man

Iron Man VR Unlock Skins – Challenges

Some of the skins, suits, amors or Custom Deco’s can be obtained by completing challenges:

  • Impulse Skin: You won’t need to do anything you will unlock it automatically
  • Ombre Skin: Destroy two enemies with Repulsors, one with each hand, simultaneously
  • Scarlet Storm Skin: Destroy 6 enemies with a single Auxiliary Weapon shot.
  • Hostile Takeover skin: Destroy enemies 250 enemies with Auxiliary weapons
  • Camouflage skin: Destroy 2 enemies with a single rocket punch
  • Hornet skin: Destroy 50 enemies with melee attacks

Most of the challenges you need to complete are also trophies. So you will not only unlock new skins, but also trophies

  • Ombre Skin: Jazz Hands Trophy
  • Scarlet Storm Skin: Crowd Control Trophy
  • Hostile Takeover skin: War Machine Trophy
  • Camouflage skin: Happy Hogan Special Trophy
  • Hornet skin: Warm Up the gauntlets trophy

Iron Man VR Unlock Skins – Pre Order

Some of the skins, suits, amors or Custom Deco’s can be obtained as a reward by pre ordering the game

  • Origin Armor skin: Pre-order reward
  • Vintage Armor skin: also Pre-order reward
  • Silver Centurion skin: also Pre-order reward
  • Ultra Violet Armor skin: also Pre-order reward
  • Iron Patriot skin: also Pre-order reward

Video Guide

Video Guide (by youtuber Trophygamers) with all the skins, suits, amors or Custom Deco’s unlocked