Welcome to House Party Katherine Walkthrough Guide, where we will provide you all the steps, tips and secrets to complete Katherine’s story and scenes

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House Party Katherine Walkthrough Guide – Requirements:

  • Camera: Master Bedroom > Shelf
  • SD Card: Study room > Laptop
  • Empty vodka bottle: Frank > Shelf, but before take it, tell him. And once you have it, use it with the faucet (kitchen, next to the stove)
  • Salami: Kitchen > Fridge (out)
  • Cell phone jammer: Garage > Desk
  • Mysterious key: Room where Stephanie dances > Top of the chimney, but you can’t be spotted by Derek or Madison

House Party Katherine Walkthrough Guide – Step by Step

Going for Katherine 1/4

  • Meet Katherine, she could be in the kitchen but also outside
  • Tell her: “we use the word “need” outside its intended purpose”, ask her why is she looking at her phone, “who could ever be mean to her”, ask her for a drink, and finally ask her what drink she lines
  • Ask Frank if he is going to guard the alcohol all night and what he thinks about Katherine
  • Go with Katherine, select all the options, but not the one with glasses
  • Talk to Frank: You were chatting with Katherine, then accept the tople*ss pic

Going for Katherine 2/4

  • Talk to Katherine: Inform about the deal
  • Turn on the cell phone jammer in front of her, she won’t see ou
  • Wait and follow her to the master bedroom
  • Turn off the cell phone jammer and ask her about taking a picture
  • Tell her: first to strip off (choose both options), and then to pick a pose, but pick the camera so you can take at least 1 photo. When you have your photo, tell her to take a break
  • Give the camera to Frank and also take the rum (cabinet)

Going for Katherine 3/4

  • Give the rum to Katherine and ask about 100% chance to…
  • Press the key “P” in front of her, but then walk around every character in the party

Going for Katherine 4/4

  • Talk to Katherine (twice) about the deal
  • Go with her to the master bedroom and give her the salami
  • Leave the room, she will get naked, but if not try to lock the door go out and come back
  • Give her the bottle of water, press “Y” 4 times, and enjoy