You can’t find the Great Energetic Fish in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot? Don’t worry, we provide you below all the details you need to find this fish

great energetic fish in dragon ball z kakarot guide

Great Energetic Fish in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Why you need them?

The Great Energetic Fish is a requirement to complete the Tough Break For Turtle side story mission. In fact you need to get 10 of them. But don’t worry, if you know where to look, there are easy to find, so just follow our guide:

Great Energetic Fish in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Where to Find?

There are several ways to get the Great Energetic Fish, but we are going to provide you the one that worked best for us:

Go to the West City (you can fast travel to the west area). From West City, head south west, dive into the water and look for the glowing orbs inside the schools of fish, because these glowing orbs are the great energetic fishes you need to catch.

If you don’t find the glowing orbs (great energetic fishes) go deeper and check between rocks. Once you find the first one you will realize there are easy to find, and it won’t take you long to find the 10 you need

Video Guide

If you didn’t find the 10 Great Energetic Fish you need yet, this video guide will help you. You will see the exact location, how to get there, and how to catch them. Check this video from the youtuber Wow Quests:

Hope you have already found the Great Energetic Fish in DBZ Kakarot!