Genshin Impact Wishes Guide – How to Get & Use – You need wishes to get new characters, but how to get more wishes and when can you  start making wishes

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Genshin Impact Wishes – How to Use them?

You need wishes to unlock new characters. But you can’t make a wish until you reach the Library. To use them:

Main Menu > Wish section > Make a single Wish or 10 Wishes

So simply progress through the main story until you unlock them (Library) and use them through the main menu options

Genshin Impact Wishes – How to Get them?

Depending o the event you want to wish for, you will need Acquaint Fates or Interwined Fates, and both of them cost Primogems (160 Primogems each). So, to get or unlock new wishes, you need Primogems.

You can buy Acquaint Fates or Interwined Fates here: Main menu > Shop > Paimon’s Bargains

And you can buy Primogems using real world money (shop), but you can also farm them, totally free, just playing. But if you want to learn all the free methods to get Primogems, check this guide: Primogems.

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