Welcome to the Game Of Sultans Consorts Guide, where we will explain you everything about unlock them, the heirs, the titles and the Consort Hall

game of sultans consorts guide

Game Of Sultans Consorts Guide – How to Unlock them all?


These are all the consorts available in the game and how to unlock them:

  • Canfeza: Unlock her as reward
  • Cecilia: Unlock her leveling up the Sultan
  • Dilara: Random unlock in the masquerade
  • Osilda: Unlock as daily login reward
  • Indirah: Unlock her talking with her in the masquerade
  • Lydia: Unlock her talking with her in the masquerade
  • Iris: Unlock her talking with her in the masquerade
  • Silken: Find her in the Haberdasher (Masquerade)
  • Felicia: Find her in the Theology School (Masquerade)
  • Halima: Find her in the Caravanserai (Masquerade)
  • Rana: Find her in the Infirmary (Masquerade)
  • Teri: Find her in the Gardens (Masquerade)
  • Samina: Find her in the Docks (Masquerade)
  • Clara: Find her in the Market Kiosk (Masquerade)
  • Alessa: Unlock Alessa as VIP 2 bonus
  • Rosa: Unlock Rosa as VIP 4 bonus
  • Raven: Unlock Raven as VIP 6 bonus
  • Elena: Unlock Elena as VIP 8 bonus
  • Daphe: Increase empire’s power to 200,000
  • Fiona: Increase empire’s power to 500,000
  • Hope: Increase empire’s power to 1,000,000

Masquerade’s Consorts

The consorts in the masquerade require the Sultan to visit them to increase the intimacy level and the consort experience

Game Of Sultans Consorts Guide – Heirs

The Heirs are the children of the consorts, so to get them you need to:

  • Increase the intimacy level of a consort (with Sultan visits)
  • Go to the harem, choose the option “consort”, tape on a married one.
  • Repeat the process (visit the consorts) til they give you heirs

The heirs increase the empire power, so once you have heirs develop them using vitality points. Once they reach the max level, promote them and marry her / him.

Game Of Sultans Consorts Guide – Titles

The consorts can promote from the Maid title to the Empress title. And to promote a consort you need to increase the intimacy level of that consort and her charm points.

Game Of Sultans Consorts Guide – Consort Hall

Here you can increase the star level of consort’s skill by teaching her in one of the available rooms. But to create a new room you need keys. And you can get keys from packs (wich cost real money) or from the feast store (you need tokens)