Black Mesa Console Commands & Cheat Codes –  How to enable the cheats Console (use cheats), and also the full list of cheats, codes & console commands

Black Mesa Console Commands

Black Mesa Console Commands – How to open Console?

Two Methods:

1st method:  Right click on Black Mesa in your library > Properties > Set Launch Options > Type: -console > Launch the game > Once the game is loaded Type: bind p toggleconsole

2nd method: In Game > Keyboard settings > Advanced > Enable Developers Console > Save > In Game > hit tilde (~) > Enter “sv_cheats 1”

Black Mesa Console Commands – All Cheats

  • God Mode – god: invincible
  • All Weapons & ammo – impulse 101
  • Enemies can’t hear you – impulse 105
  • Enemies don’t attack you – notarget
  • 3rd person perspective – chase_active 1
  • Set Gravity to X – sv_gravity X
  • Set Friction to X – sv_friction X
  • Bounce Multiplier to X – sv_bounce X
  • Get item, weapon or ammo – give ItemOrWeaponid (check all the ids below)
  • Changemap or Changelevel – map MapId (check all the ids below)
  • Summon or Teleport NPC – ent_teleport npc_name (point with your crosshair where you want to spawn it)
  • Remove NPC – ent_remove (point to the entity you want to remove)
  • Remove all NPC – ent_remove_all npc_name

Black Mesa Console Commands – Give

Get the weapon, item or ammo you need instantly using these Cheat code or console command:

Command = “give ItemOrWeaponid” / example “give weapon_handgrenade” to get a hand grenade. So now you need all the weapons or items ids:

Give Items console ids

  • Airtank console command: give item_airtank
  • Antidote console command: give item_antidote
  • Battery console command: give item_battery
  • Healthkit console command: give item_healthkit
  • Healthvial console command: give item_healthvial
  • Longjump console command: give item_longjump
  • Security console command: give item_security
  • Soda Can console command: give item_sodacan
  • Suit console command: give item_suit

Give Weapons console ids

  • 357: give weapon_357
  • 9mm ar: give weapon_9mmar
  • 9mm handgun: give weapon_9mmhandgun
  • Crossbow: give weapon_crossbow
  • Crowbar: give weapon_crowbar
  • Egon: give weapon_egon
  • Gauss: give weapon_gauss
  • Glock: give weapon_glock
  • Hand grenade: give weapon_handgrenade
  • Hornet Gun: give weapon_hornetgun
  • MP5: give weapon_mp5
  • Python: give weapon_python
  • Quantum Destabilizer: give weapon_quantumdestabilizer
  • RPG: give weapon_rpg
  • Tau: give weapon_tau
  • Gluon: give weapon_gluon
  • Hivehand: give weapon_hivehand
  • Frag grenades: give weapon_frag
  • Satchel: give weapon_satchel
  • Snark: give weapon_snark
  • Shotgun: give weapon_shotgun
  • Tripmine: give weapon_tripmine

Give Ammunition console ids

  • 357 ammo cheat code: give ammo_357
  • 9mm ar ammo cheat code: give ammo_9mmar
  • 9mm box ammo cheat code: give ammo_9mmbox
  • Ar Grenades ammo cheat code: give ammo_argrenades
  • 9mm clip ammo cheat code: give ammo_9mmclip
  • Buck shot ammo cheat code: give ammo_buckshot
  • Crossbow ammo cheat code: give ammo_crossbow
  • Egon Clip ammo cheat code: give ammo_egonclip
  • Gauss Clip ammo cheat code: give ammo_gaussclip
  • Glock Clip ammo cheat code: give ammo_glockclip
  • MP5 Clip ammo cheat code: give ammo_mp5clip
  • MP5 grenades ammo cheat code: give ammo_mp5grenades
  • RPG Clip ammo cheat code: give ammo_rpgclip

Black Mesa Console Commands – Map or Changelevel

Load or jump to the level you want using these Cheat code or console command:

Command = “map MapId” / example “map bm_c4a1c1″ will load The Houndeye Bridge”. So now you need all the map ids:

Earthbound Map or Level Ids

Black Mesa Inbound

  • bm_c0a0a
  • bm_c0a0b
  • bm_c0a0c

Anomalous Materials

  • bm_c1a0a
  • bm_c1a0b

Unforseen Consequences

  • bm_c1a1a
  • bm_c1a1b
  • bm_c1a1c
  • bm_c1a1d
  • bm_c1a1e

Office Complex

  • bm_c1a2a
  • bm_c1a2b
  • bm_c1a2c

We’ve Got Hostiles

  • bm_c1a3a
  • bm_c1a3b
  • bm_c1a3c

Blast Pit

  • bm_c1a4a
  • bm_c1a4b
  • bm_c1a4c
  • bm_c1a4d
  • bm_c1a4e

Power Up

  • bm_c2a1a
  • bm_c2a1b

On a Rail

  • bm_c2a2a
  • bm_c2a2b
  • bm_c2a2c


  • bm_c2a3a
  • bm_c2a3b

Residue Processing

  • bm_c2a4a
  • bm_c2a4b
  • bm_c2a4c
  • bm_c2a4d

Questionable Ethics

  • bm_c2a4e
  • bm_c2a4f
  • bm_c2a4g
  • bm_c2a4h

Surface Tension

  • bm_c2a5a
  • bm_c2a4b
  • bm_c2a5c
  • bm_c2a5d
  • bm_c2a5e
  • bm_c2a5f
  • bm_c2a5g

Forget About Freeman

  • bm_c3a1a
  • bm_c3a1b

Lambda Core

  • bm_c3a2a
  • bm_c3a2b
  • bm_c3a2c
  • bm_c3a2d
  • bm_c3a2e
  • bm_c3a2f
  • bm_c3a2g
  • bm_c3a2h

Xen Map or Level Ids


  • Arrival: bm_c4a1a
  • Grotto before laboratory: bm_c4a1a1
  • Laboratory before explosive plant section: bm_c4a1b
  • Shortly before the big tree area, where 3 rooms have to be solved to open up the path: bm_c4a1b1
  • Open alley before jumping down a big hole and encountering ground barnacles for the first time: bm_c4a1c
  • The houndeye bridge: bm_c4a1c1


  • Arrival: bm_c4a2a
  • Area after following Gonarch and jumping down (area where you need to blow the wall with a detonator): bm_c4a2b
  • Area where Gonarch destroys a wall with her green goo attack (I got stuck there once in beta ^^): bm_c4a2c


  • Arrival: bm_c4a3a
  • After first controller fight, in the canyon: bm_c4a3a1
  • When encountering the grates that need to get molten by green acid: bm_c4a3b
  • Another cave with green acid riddles: bm_c4a3b1
  • Shortly before arriving at the factory entrance, where the first jumping Alien Grunts spawn: bm_c4a3b2
  • Before starting the assembly line riddle: bm_c4a3c
  • Assembly line riddle, before controller ambush: bm_c4a3c1
  • Assembly line riddle, before going up the flesh trampolines: bm_c4a3c2
  • Second waste disposal area, shortly before starting the elevator section: bm_c4a3d
  • At the end of the elevator sequence shortly before teleporter to Nihilanth: bm_c4a3d1


  • Arrival: bm_c4a4a

End Game

  • Kaboooooooooooooooooooooooom: bm_c4a5a