Find here all the Amid Evil Cheat Codes & Console Commands available, enjoy the god mode, unlock all the weapons, kill all the enemies, be invisible, and whatever you want

amid evil cheat codes console commands

Amid Evil Cheat Codes – How to use them?

Just type a code (with the keyboard) while you play, so there are in game cheats. There are not case sensitive, and if you want to disable a cheat you have previously enabled, just type it again.

Amid Evil Cheat Codes – Full List

  • God Mode: Type adomg or also ADOMG
  • God Mode & Infinite Mana: Type aeomega or also AEOMEGA
  • Full Mana: Type admage or also ADMAGE
  • Soul Mode: Type aenima or also AENIMA
  • Burp: Type aeurp or also AEURP
  • Fly Mode: Type aero or also AERO
  • Torch Mode: Type aesee or also AESEE
  • Invisibility: Type aeyesore or also AEYESORE
  • All Weapons: Type aewarlock or also AEWARLOCK
  • Allthe Weapons, Mana and Keys: Type aewizard or also AEWIZARD
  • All Powerups, Keys, Weapons, Mana, Health and Soul Points: Type aelpha or also AELPHA
  • All Keys: Type aevain or also AEVAIN
  • Level Complete: Type aeheh or also AEHEH
  • Noclip: Type aether or also AETHER
  • Vaporwave Mode: Type aesthetic or also AESTHETIC
  • Max Post Processing: Type aetheory or also AETHEORY
  • Superspeed: Type aelympics or also AELIMPICS
  • Slowmo: Type aeon or also AEON
  • Fast Weapons: Type aextreme or also AEXTREME
  • Kill All Enemies: Type aextint or also AEXTINT
  • Auto Kill: Type aesplode or also AESPLODE
  • Auto hurt: Type aeouch or also AEOUCH
  • Freeze enemies: Type aestop or also AESTOP
  • Hide Weapon (view): Type aehide or also AEHIDE
  • Screenshot: Type aeshot or also AESHOT
  • Get Azure Ore: Type aewep2 or also AEWEP2
  • Get Whispers Edge: Type aewep3 or also ALEON
  • CGA Pallete 1: Type ae1981 or also AE1981
  • CGA Pallete 2: Type ae1982 or also AE1982
  • EGA Pallete: Type ae1989 or also AE1989
  • CGA Pallete 3: Type ae1983 or also AE1983
  • VGA Pallete: Type ae1990 or also AE1990
  • Select Music: Type aendrew or also AENDREW
  • Get Voltride: Type aewep4 or also AEWEP4
  • Get Celestial Claw: Type aewep5 or also AEWEP5
  • Quit Game: Type aebort or also AEBORT
  • Get Crystal Torment: Type aewep6 or also AEWEP6
  • Get Aeturnum: Type aewep7 or also AEWEP7

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