Wellcome to the unofficial 7DS Grand Cross Tier List, the best Characters of Seven Deadly Sins ranked from Tier SS (the best characters) to Tier D (The worst characters)

7DS Grand Cross Tier List seven deadly sins

Find below the best characters of  Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross ranked from tier SS to tier B:

7DS Grand Cross Tier List – Tier SS

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier SS are the best characters and the most overpowered

  • Escanor Holy Knight
  • Escanor The Lion Sin of Pride
  • Gowther The Goat Sin of Lust
  • Meliodas Lostvayne
  • Lillia Mastermind
  • Zeldris Elite Demon (Unreleased)

7DS Grand Cross Tier List – Tier S

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier S are also overpowered

  • King The Grizzly Sin of Sloth
  • Arthur Camelot’s sword
  • Derieri Ten Commandments
  • Helbram Reincarnation of Revenge
  • Meliodas Knight of Wrath
  • Merlin The Boar Sin of Gluttony
  • Merlin Collector
  • Valenti Earthshaker

7DS Grand Cross Tier List – Tier A

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier A are well balanced but average characters

  • Arthur Destined Heir
  • Derieri Elite Demon
  • Diane The Serpent sin of Envy
  • Eastin Rule of Torrents
  • Eren Jaeger Cadet Corps
  • Estarossa Elite Demon
  • Fraudrin Ten Commandments
  • Gilthunder Chivalrous
  • Gloxinia Elite Demon (unreleased)
  • Griamore Champion
  • Helbram Reincarnation of Revenge
  • Howzer Tempest
  • King Harlequin
  • Levi Greatest Soldier
  • Melascula Elite Demon
  • Mikasa Ackerman Greatest Soldier
  • Monspeet Elite Demon
  • Diane The serpent sin of envy
  • Zeldris Ten Commandments (Unreleased)

7DS Grand Cross Tier List – Tier B

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier B are not god enough, so try to avoid them

  • Arthur King of prophecies
  • Ban Outlaw
  • Ban Ale Collector
  • Deathpierce The Pleiades of the blue sky
  • Diane Creation
  • Elaine Halloween (Unreleased)
  • Elaine Sweet Temptation
  • Elizabeth Liones
  • Elizabeth A new adventure
  • Elizabeth New Legend
  • Elizabeth & Hawk Reverse
  • Elizabeth & Hawk Mascot
  • Elizabeth & Hawk Mobile Tabern
  • Eren Jaeger Titan Form
  • Galland The Commandments
  • Galland Elite Demon
  • Guila Rapier
  • Gustaf Knight of ice
  • Helbram Forest Guardian
  • Jenna Sweet Temptation
  • Jericho Godspeed Knight
  • Jericho New Legend
  • King Forest Guardian
  • Levi Greatest Soldier
  • Lillia Bringer of Disaster
  • Melascula Ten Commandments
  • Meliodas The Dragon Sin of wrath
  • Meliodas New Legend
  • Mono Deathbringer
  • Slater Overpower
  • Zaneri Sweet Temptation
  • Melascula Elite Demon
  • Merlin Collector
  • Zaratras Embodiment of Faith (Unreleased)

Tier C

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier C are the worst characters, try to avoid them

  • Alioni Beard of the mountain cat
  • Ban The fox sin of greed
  • Ban Nunchaku
  • Cain Burning Ember
  • Diane Heart of the land
  • Diane The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Diane Matrona
  • Diane Kungfu Master
  • Dogedo The pleiades of the blue sky
  • Dreyfus Omen of chaos
  • Dreyfus break
  • Elizabeth Boar hat tavern
  • Estarossa Ten Commandments
  • Gilthunder Thunderbolt
  • Gilthunder star of the kingdom
  • Gloxinia Ten Commandments (unreleased)
  • Golgius Weird fangs
  • Gowther Liones’s hero
  • Gowther wanted man
  • Guila Explosion
  • Guila Halloween (unreleased)
  • Hendrickson Omen of chaos
  • Jericho Adventurer
  • Jericho New generation
  • Jillian Roars of Dawn
  • Marmas Boom boom pow
  • Meliodas The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Meliodas Boar hat tavern
  • Meliodas Halloween (unreleased)
  • Merlin Infinity
  • Milim Tyrant of destruction
  • Monspeet Ten Commandments
  • Rimuru Ruler of monsters
  • Rimuru Slime
  • Ruin Weird Fangs
  • Slater Roars of dawn
  • Twigo Confirmation
  • Vivian Reincarnation of obsession
  • Weinheidt Roars of dawn
  • Dreyfus break

Tier D

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier D are the worst characters, try to avoid them

  • Arden The Pleiades of the Blue sky
  • Ban Snatch
  • Ban Undead
  • Benimaru Kijin
  • Deldry the pleiades of the blue sky
  • Elaine Fairy King’s forest
  • Friesia Weird Fangs
  • Griamore Iron wall knight
  • Griamore Adventurer
  • Hendrickson Melt
  • Howzer Star of the kingdom
  • Howzer Liones Royalty
  • Hugo Roars of dawn
  • Jude Weird Fangs
  • King Protector of dolls
  • King The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Simon Roars of Dawn
  • Taizoo Vaizel Fight Festival